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2013:The Day God Sees God
Title Go Beyond 22
Subtitle The Adventure in the Cosmic Library
Author Mariko Tsuji of Japan
Author Bio Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1964. After a near-death experience in her childhood, Mariko acquired the skill of Akashic Reading. She is involved in the work of an environmental NPO to put forth ecological life styles. She is also a reporter for magazines and contributes many articles. The illustrations of the main text are by the author.
ISBN 978-1-934140-04-8 1-934140-04-X
Category BODY, MIND & SPIRIT : Channeling
Publication April 10 , 2009
Pages 227
Size 5.5 x 8.5 in.
Price $14.95
Binding PB
Available at
Barne and Novels
The author, Mariko, is Maya the main character in this book. Go Beyond 22 is non-fiction story based on her experience. It gives us acknowledge, hints, and ideas to access and/or trip to the Cosmic Library.

The Cosmic library is an Akashic record to keep your whole life history you signed to GOD before you born. Readers will understand that they chose everything before they were born: parents, children, experiences, etc. Everything is set by you as GOD for your soul learning. This cosmic library travel works only for good sake to souls' learning. Not for the delinquency; It might be blocked by cosmic law and/or your higher-self.

It contains a great gift in Appendix: How to Access the Cosmic Library (Akashic Record.) Must have one in your life. It helps your life.

a.. Cosmic library is Akashic record to keep your whole life history you signed to GOD before you born.
b.. It is exiting to know how to create the "Zero point" to trip to the Cosmic library. A lot of supportive knowledge.
c.. Go Beyond 22; the key point to overcome to get to cosmic library, so as 33. Many more "must know the cosmic knowledge!"
d.. A popular book in Japan for all ages. Once people read this, they became a huge fan of this book.
e.. 2nd version of this book "To the Kingdom of the Sun"in Japanese are popular, too: "Dawn of the soul"in Japanese is hey other popular book. Expecting English versions come.
f.. It's a favorite book for meta-physics fan. It has many keys and solutions to mysterious cosmos. It has knowledge we all must have.
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Go Beyond 22
2013:The Day God Sees God
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