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2013:The Day God Sees God
Title 2013: The Day God Sees God
Subtitle From the Pleiades dimension to the orion dimension
The power of Sirius was corn on earth
Author Kohsen handa
Author Bio In 1980, he started to search for a new point of view combining consciousness and matter as the basis for a new science which he called Noos Theory. In 1991, he began to hold lectures throughout Japan to introduce his cosmology “NOOS Theory.” In 1993, he established NOOS Corporation. His development of technology using NOOS Theory has attracted attention from various fields. Other books written by the author are “2013: Sirius Revolution” and “2013: ark of Photon.”
He is an honorary member of the faculty of Musashino Gakuen University.
ISBN 978-1-934140-03-1
Category BODY, MIND & SPIRIT : Spirituality General
Publication July 1, 2008
Size 6.5 x 9.25 in.
Price $24.95
Binding Hardcover
The true nature of elementary particles is human consciousness!
A quantum leap of consciousness will transform al things into light!

An Astonishing paradigm that will shake the whole world!
A Magnificent Space Odyssey that enfolds all the mysteries in the world including the pyramids, modern physics, the Mayan calendar, Gnosticism, and global awakening on a conscious level.

A list of shocking truths beyond our imaginations is now disclosed.
◎Humanity is scheduled to begin a transmigration into the 5th dimension in the year 2013.
◎The universe and mankind were born simultaneously.
◎The solar system and elementary particles are identical.
◎Every 13,000 years the Universe enters a cycle of rebitht.
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2013:The Day God Sees God
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