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The Law of Undulation
Title To Live As We Are
Subtitle Freeing the Mind for True Self Expression
Author Sachiko Adachi
Author Bio Born in Tokyo in 1946. In 1970, Sachiko Adachi worked as an interior designer and color coordinator. In 1985, she began to work as a Cosmic Artist, mainly creating healing art for people. She won a prize at the Contemporary Art EXPO in 1989. Since then, she held private exhibitions of her art work all over Japan. In 1993, she opened gallery "Space Sachi," at where she would have a permanent exhibition of her art work in Tokyo. The same year, the day before the gallery had opened, she made her transition due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage.
ISBN 978-1-934140-02-4 1-934140-02-3
Category BODY, MIND & SPIRIT : Spirituality General
Publication October 30, 2007
Pages 204
Size 5.25 x 6.00 in.
Price $14.95
Binding Paperback
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To Live As We Are was the lecture Sachiko described as her most comprehensive. It expresses how to get rid of set patterns of thinking by activating intuition, creativity, and viewing ordinary life as a theatre performance, “where we are cast in the role of star and the people around us simply act out their roles for our benefit.”

Sachiko presents spiritually, emotionally and sexually challenging concepts in plain words that are easy for readers to understand and accept. No matter how many times you pick up and read To Live As We Are, you’ll find something new to discover about life, and about yourself.
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The Law of Undulation
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