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The Law of Undulation
Title The Law of Undulation
Subtitle Contemporary Earth Culture and Its Future
Author Ikuro Adachi
Author Bio Ikuro Adachi founded Juna Planners and Architects in 1968 and established the Institute of Form-Undulatory Energy in 1990. He intuitively understands that Universe consists of vibrations of energy and matter, and he practices this through his research and creative activities. He has published Hado no Hosoku (The Law of Undulation) and Shin Chikyu no Rekishi (True Earth History) in Japan.
ISBN 978-1-934140-01-7 978-1-934140-01-7
Category BODY, MIND & SPIRIT : General
Publication September 30, 2007
Pages 187
Size 5.25 x 8.25 in.
Price $18.95
Binding Paperback
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This is an introductory book to help become aware of the true structure of nature. The author, Ikuro Adachi, intuitively received this information from the Universe and reports it scientifically, precisely and concretely. It was originally published in the 90’s in Japan when the Hado (vibration) became very popular and it has since stimulated many readers. It sends out a message from the Universe for all people who live in the new century.
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The Law of Undulation
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