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Title Charanavi
Subtitle Explore your personality and improve your relationships
Author Masahiro Tsurumoto
Author Bio Masahiro Tsurumoto was born in Tokyo in 1957. He established the Institute of Koseishinrigaku and @NOA, Inc. in 1997. In 2000, Tsurumoto established, Inc. He has published thirty books, including Love Charanavi, Charanavi for Business and Charanavi for Parents. Tsurumoto presents to companies, hospitals and schools throughout Japan, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.
ISBN 978-1-934140-00-0 1-934140-00-7
Category BODY, MIND & SPIRIT : General
Publication July 5, 2007
Size 5.00 x 7.50 in.
Price $14.95
Binding Paperback
Available at
Are you an Affectionate Tiger? A Romantic Koala? An Elegant Pegasus?
Find out what animal you are with Charanavi (character + navigation, pronounced kare-uhnah-vee), a fun communication tool to explore your own personality and find out more about your family, friends and coworkers!

Started in Japan in 1997, Character Navigation Psychology was developed as the first theory to analyze personality types by pairing them with 12 unique animal characters. With more than 5 million copies sold worldwide, this popular tool is now available in English.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic match, the best coworkers to team up with or how to better communicate with family and friends, Charanavi will give you hours of fun exploration.

Navigate your character and discover the characters around you!

Did you know...
  • Brad Pitt is a Steady Fawn
  • Derek Jeter is a Reliable Sheep
  • Mother Teresa is a Marathon Cheetah
The author has sold more than 5 million copies on this topic.

This theory has been used successfully in companies for marketing and hospitals for communcation in Japan.

Based on birthday, you can find out your animal character to explore your own personality and find out more about your family, friends and co-workers.
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