Company History
Natural Spirit Publishing 80, Inc. started the spiritual magazine "Star People" to broaden awareness of the new era, and has issued many publications over the past few decades about the spiritual world. Since then, Natural Spirit Publishing 80, Inc. has published numerous works based on the world of spirituality that have introduced the spiritual world to Japan, beckoning the nation's youth as well as various specialist in the field. Foreign visitors to Japan often say that it is a country brimming with spiritual energy. This is quite true. There are many wonderful and sacred places all throughout Japan. A time came when we thought, "Let's tell the world of Japan as much as we can." With this as our goal, we knew that if we could open the minds of everyone in the world to the new era, everything would be at peace.
Company Profile
Company Natural Spirit Publishing 80, Inc.
Director Hiroki Imai
Capital 10 million yen
Address Light Bldg, 8F, 2-12-3 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN
TEL/FAX +81-3-3542-0703
FAX +81-3-3542-0701
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The Law of Undulation
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